ATV Snowblowers for the hard … winter

As the winter season has just begun and has already covered a lot of parts of the world with a white and thick layer of snow, and it is still just November, an important issue about transportation possibilities has started. There are roads full of snow and only a few possibilities how to manage it, especially for people with personal vehicles who live on their lands.
One of the best machines that can manage to get rid of snow fast and easy is a snow blower for atv’s. The concept of a snow blower is pretty simple – it collects snow and blows it out on which side necessarily while you drive the way that needs to be cleared. Attaching a snow blower to an ATV takes just a few minutes, and your machine is ready to dispose of large masses of snow out of the way.

How to know if an attachable ATV snow blower will work correctly?

This is probably the most commonly asked question by people who are willing to purchase an ATV snow blower for the rough winter season. Before buying the snow blower attachment, there are some important things to learn about. If you have any questions, there are always people to consult with at the stores or online.

The first thing you will need to take care of before buying the snow blowing gadget is to purchase the necessary tools to attach the snow blower to your ATV. Most of the times these tools already come along with the snow blower and there is no need to buy additional devices, but you’ll need to learn about it beforehand to be prepared because it will not work without them.

As the ATV’s come in different sizes and capacities, you’ll have to find the right snow blower that fits your particular vehicle. The snow blower hooks have different sizes and weights as well, and you’ll probably need a specialist’s advice on which product to choose because it won’t work properly if it’s too light or small, or much too heavy to move smoothly because of the weight on the frame of your ATV.

There are also snow blowers available that have already been installed with their engine for more work power, but it is not necessary if there is not too much snow to remove from your driveway as it would cost more than a regular snow blower that works only with the power provided by the ATV.
Two different types of snow blowers are available for your ATV, each of them differing with sizes of their motors and working power. The stage 1 attachment is equipped with a smaller motor and a single impeller that works well with small amounts of snow and for small-scale areas, whereas the stage 2 snow blower will be able to take care of bigger amounts of snow/wet snow, as the motor of this attachment is much more powerful, equipped with 2 augers and a propeller of its own. The stage 2 attachments are usually supplied with their propellers, and the two augers are used to pull the snow in and to discharge it with more attitude. It is essential to choose the right attachment for your particular type of ATV, or else it won’t work properly, and you won’t be satisfied with the results.

What kind of an ATV is required for a snow blower?

There is no selection because you can use any type or size ATV, even the ones that are smaller than others and have only two wheel drive. And any ATV model with four-wheel drive will be suitable for a snow blower attachment. And for rougher winters with more and deeper snow, any medium-sized ATV with four wheel drive, supplied with a 500cc engine and automated CVT transportation will be the most suitable for the job. The most important details needed for attaching a snow blower is a frontally mounted winch, and for the rough weather, you’ll need special chains and tires for your ATV to get through the roads covered in deeper or wetter snow.

The best features on ATV snowblower attachment

The method of mounting the snow blower from the front of your ATV to the back is very practical and good, as it minimizes the weight on the front and will allow the ATV snow blower to work more efficient and faster.

Dashboard attached or seated remote control systems are very good when you have to work for colder days, as it protects your fingers not to get cold and be able to function properly. It also makes operating the ATV snow blower much easier, as this system includes all the necessary features, like ignition, security switch, throttle, chute rotation, and deflector.

For the best results, it is important to choose the right-sized augers and the most powerful engine for your ATV. If you only have to get through light snow, the perfect size for your snow blower augers would be 12 inches, as for the power of it, the best choice would be an 11 hp engine. If the case is lots of wet and harsh snow, you should get larger augers for your ATV, which is up to 15 inches, and the power also should get stronger, so you would need to get a 23 hp engine.

You can make the maneuvering skills for your ATV snow blower much better; you should get stable glides or wheels on casters that would help the snow blower to support its weight on the ATV, and the ride would get a lot smoother. For example, manufacturers from the company “Princess Auto” offer all sorts of casters, designed with different capacities and wheel materials. They provide a variety of casters, starting from light material made, to ones that can handle heavy loads of snow.

As there are lots of roads that vary in sizes, it is understandable that there are various ATV snow blowers as well. For longer or wider roads the obvious choice would be a wider type of ATV snow blower, and for smaller paths or walking streets, the most appropriate would be a narrower snow blower model.

To avoid the possible damages after a hard object has been picked up by the snow blower, it is wise to apply a shear lock guarding system to your ATV attachment.

To be able to elevate the ATV snowblower, you should get preserving chains that can be attached to the ATV winch. These chains will allow the ATV snow blower to maintain its stability in any circumstances, by lifting it up when needed.

Serrated auger attached with roller bearings will ensure a better ride through the icy and tough snow. The improved bearings will provide a much smoother ride for your ATV snow blower.

To always keep the battery of your ATV snowblower fully charged, you should use an integrated snow blower wiring setup with an included battery charging system for your ATV. It will make it a lot easier to check your battery level and to easily charge it when needed.

To make your work with the ATV snow blower much easier, you can install an electric starter engine that will do the job for you, because there is nothing more complicated than to start a 4-stroke engine in a freezing temperature.

When you need to work on an unusually cold day, you can upgrade your ATV snow blower with a built in air warmer to avoid any problems in cold temperatures. The air more heated will make sure that none of the details will stop working because of the coldness.

ATV Snowblower chains and tires

If you want to be prepared for a big snow storm and not to get stuck in it while trying to get through, you’ll need to purchase winter tires or chains for your ATV. These additional tools will help you not to slip or trip over while driving your ATV with a snow blower, especially if you live in a place with lots of great snowfalls. If clearing the roads is a big part of your winter seasons, you’ll be thankful to get the right ATV snow blower, as this machine will save a lot of your time and energy. Before buying the special snow tires or chains, it is recommended to get advice from specialists working with these machines, because it is also very important to add these details with the right knowledge.

As we all know, the internet is also one of the best places to get the needed information by reading reviews and watching informative videos about each attachment for ATV snow blowers. You can find these tips by searching the necessary keywords, and you’ll get lots of ratings and opinions from other people that use ATV snow blowers.

Manufacturers always advise to put your safety first, and with additional security tires you will never have the problem of getting through thick snow and will be able to clear out any road, no matter what the weather’s like.

What to look for in ATV snowblowers?

There are lots of essential things to consider before purchasing an ATV snow blower, for example, the budget, girth of the attached snow blower and the power of your ATV’s engine. There are lots of models to choose from and each of them equipped with different features and advantages. You need to learn everything about you ATV before purchasing the best fitting snow blower for it.

First of all, you need to make sure not to overweight your ATV with the attached snow blower, as they are mostly pretty heavy and sturdy. It is critical to choose the perfect match for your specific ATV model.

The next thing to make sure of is the way the snow blower is being raised and lowered while working, and if it needs an additional winch to do it. There are also dealers that offer snow blowers with already installed automatically operated handles that take care of the snow blower’s movements.

Before buying an ATV snow blower, you need to remember what type of spaces you’ll need to clear, as there are various sizes of the snow blowers to choose from. Wider cuts will be able to do the job faster, but if you only need to clean out a narrow pathway, there is no reason to purchase a large snow blower with a wide opening, as it will obviously be more expensive than a smaller one.

Most of the ATV snow blower business owners will advise you to pay the extra dollars for a control system that can be managed from the seat from the inside of the ATV, as it makes your work much more pleasurable and comfortable. With this system, you’ll be able to control the augers, chute and all of the other features for the snow blower to work properly.

By being one of the most important details in a snow blower, the engine has to be powerful enough to function properly for a long time, which means that you should get an engine with at least eight hp. It will be a great investment, as a smaller engine can only handle thin and powdery snow, while an engine with more than eight hp can get through wet and thick snow if needed. As a matter of fact, an engine with more than 21 hp can get through almost anything, as the dealer’s comment.

An important thing to check out before purchasing ATV snow blower is the guarantee, to make sure that the dealership stands behind their work and advice about the best atv snowblower for your specific ATV.

The most popular ATV snowblower manufacturers are Snow Hogg, Bercomac, Toro, and Craftsman, and they all have the most common and needed tools and details for your snow blower to work as good as possible. They also advise for you to use the ATV snow blower as a possibility to earn a little bit of extra cash, by clearing some streets in your neighborhood.

Husqvarna 531307169 42-Inch Two-Stage

  • 42-Inch Two Stage Snow blower
  • Can be Raised and Lowered from the Tractor Seat
  • After Initial Mounting Brackets and Pulley Frame Brackets are Attached the Snow blower can be
  • Removed without Tools
  • Two 12-Inch Diameter Serrated Input Augers Pull in Snow and Then the High-Speed Impeller Propels the Snow Through the Poly Chute
  • Replaceable Wear Plate and Skid Shoes


Review #1

Bought it in the summer to attach to my Husqvarna 2454 lawn tractor and it sat on the pallet at the garage before that weekend (December). Each the hardware was at the box and the directions were simple to follow. Assembly took about 4 hours, for example, eliminating the mower deck. On the weekend we have 6″ of snow and I have a 150′ paved driveway, a cul-de-sac and 300′ of unpaved road to clear. The 42″ snow thrower functioned smoothly! I believe that it will go faster next time after I get the tire chains (they’re a must have). Also, I have the 54″ 3 bin grass catcher so instead of purchasing wheel weights I set a bag of play sand in every grass catcher bag for additional weight (in the spring … the sand is recycled into the grandkids sand box). I would recommend it without hesitation!

I’m adding this note on January 5, and here in S.E. Michigan we are getting hit again with 8- 12″ of snow so I’ve had the chance to put my snow thrower to the test twice with heavy snow during the previous five days. I’ve been in a position to clear 6+” of snow from the area mentioned above in under one hour.

Review #2

I have been operating this rig onto my garden tractor (I don’t recommend it for just a tiny yard tractor unless you’ve got a paved drive) for a few years in Maine. When I purchased it I spent about 2 hours installing it and thought it looked pretty flimsy; I was incorrect. I’ve been absolutely impressed with how well it works.

A few tips: Get wheel weights, chains and some type of weight for the back (I use a milk crate full of rocks). In case you’ve got a gravel driveway adjust the shoes up so you’re not constantly chucking rocks. Finally. I’m likely to purchase the plastic cab for my tractor due to the wind element. Finding a face full of snow actually stinks.

For the cost I do not see how you can overcome it. Amazon shipped it right to my door at no cost! I calculate it to receive my tractor set up with everything including blower, chains, weights, cab, etc.. The way I see it, this was a fantastic purchase.

Review #3

That is a version of my first review, aimed at the operation of the snow blower if all was set right: The mechanism for raising the snow thrower is an issue since it lifts off the floor barely an inch that induces it to scratch grass off the modest high areas of the yard when going the tractor using all the thrower attached in and out of the drop. Additionally, the tractor needs to be backed into the shed to drag the thrower up over the 1.5″ step between the ramp and the shed floor. The surfaces of the snow thrower spread out somewhat during use. I was concerned about being stuck for costly repair since I bought the snow thrower last spring but did not use it until this winter.
I did contact Agri-Fab, the true manufacturer of the snow thrower. This doesn’t change my opinion of the snow thrower limitations, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Thus, a standing ovation to Agri-Fab for great customer support.

I will say that once repaired, this snow thrower moves even wet snow very well. I’ve had no issues with clogging, either, although I do pre-treat all surfaces coming in contact with snow with generous amounts of WD-40.
Once I obtained this attachment, a significant component (clutch assembly) was missing numerous pieces. Tried to get it resolved though Amazon by having a replacement part sent to us but they were not able to make this happen through the third party supplier. Supplier insisted that the serial numbers we were supplying them with from the Snow Thrower, were not valid and they refused to help in any fashion. Amazon offered to reimburse us for the price of the $500 clutch assembly if we could find it locally and cover the replacement up front ourselves. Their other alternative was for us to ship it up and have it returned for a complete refund, not substitute. We were not able to get the assembly locally and decided to get in touch with the fabrication (Agri-Fab) straight. They were quite nice and useful, and as soon as we provided them with a proof of purchase from Amazon and the serial number (which was valid) they immediately sent us a replacement assembly at no expense to us. We had it in our possession in three days. So YEA to Agri-Fab for seeing to customer satisfaction, but BOO to Amazon and the supplier, for not being able,or refusing) to resolve this issue themselves. The Snow Thrower is assembled and working, however, it’s making a clunking noise (metal to metal) like somethinge is hitting as the auger turns. Have been Not Able to Locate any points where the noise is originating from so we’ll see…

Husqvarna ST42E Snow Thrower Attachment with Electric Lift, 42-Inch

Features include: electrical lift via one-button performance, two 12″ diameter serrated input signals that tug snow and a top speed impeller propels the snow through the poly chute and simmer plate and slip shoes. The attachment could be raised and lowered from the tractor seat. The operator can correct discharge chute and restrain deflector pitch and contains 180-degree rotation from the tractor seat. After first mounting brackets and pulley framework mounts are mounted, the snow thrower may be removed with no tools. Wheel weights and chains recommended.tractor chair. The operator can correct discharge chute and restrain deflector pitch and contains 180-degree rotation from the tractor seat. After first mounting brackets and pulley framework mounts are mounted, the snow thrower may be removed with no tools. Wheel weights and chains advocated.

  • Fits Tex-style tractor frames (2006 and newer models)
  • Two 12-inch diameter serrated input augers pull in snow and then the high-speed impeller propels the snow thru the poly chute
  • Electric lift via one-button operation
  • Operator can adjust discharge chute and control deflector pitch and has 180 degrees rotation from the tractor seat
  • Replaceable wear plate and skid shoes



Review #1

I bought this snow thrower because I already had the lawn tractor part. The electric lift is ideal for this. It allows me to quickly raise or lower the entire attachment with only a simple up/down switch. This helps because the road isn’t super level it will help to make little adjustments to the height as a way to clear max snow without sucking up all my gravel. On my paved surfaces I just lower it all the way and do it. An extra benefit of the electric lift version is they use a 2000 pound ATV winch as the lift power. During the summer the snow thrower part is readily removed but the winch is hard mounted and intended to remain installed. It’s a very long cable and might be used for other utility purposes. Although I believe I will have to generate some little electrical mods to mimic the limit switches that are a part of the snow thrower attachment.

It scoops it up and throws it dozens of feet effortlessly. The controls enable you to put the snow almost anywhere.

A word of warning, it requires some time to assemble. I did it over two evenings. It was several hours of work but the instructions were quite clear and anyone with mechanical aptitude needs to be able to do it.

Review #2

Do not get this unit. It leaves the tractor too heavy and won’t move snow. My tractor spins an almost horizontal asphalt drive and on dry concrete in my backyard. I bought each of the chains and weights indicated by Amazon and nothing helps. I bought it get it ready before the snow arrived and so I dropped my 30 days warranty window, now I am stuck with a $4000.00 hunk of crap.